68 Days Until Your Wedding Day!
Your wedding cake is not just a cake. There is much more that goes into a cake than just the icing and some flowers, not to mention that it is an expense all in itself.

Your cake can be e a work of art if done properly. Your reception hall will either offer their own baker for the cake or give you a list of bakers that they recommend. Hopefully, you will be able to do a tasting to decide what you want to have served, but it is mostly advised to go with a classic that you already love enough to suggest. For Example, canoli cream or chocolate pudding which is pretty universal.

It will also help to start researching what you hope your cake will look like. Want to cut costs? Consider having a faux-cake for your reception make out of styrofoam with just the part that you will be cutting as the actual cake. Have sheet cakes made for the guests, they will never know the difference!

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