78 Days Until Your Wedding Day!
78 Days Until Your Wedding Day! We've all been there: we buy the most fabulous pair of shoes that you could die for if you don't have them, and then realize that we can't walk let alone dance after a few hours.

On your wedding day, it may not be as appropriate for you (the Bride) to go barefoot on the dance floor as many of your guests may op to do. Consider bringing along a pair of shoes that have already been broken in and are up to dancing standards. By the time that the major dancing is going on, most of the pictures should be done and noone will really be noticing your footwear choice.

Keep in mind though ~ it wouldn't hurt to walk a few hours in the shoes that you are planning on wearing the day of during you ceremony and pictures. Just don't go running through mud - consider vacuuming in your house with them on shoes that are comfortable for housework will be comfortable for your wedding day!

Other options include white white flip flops or even sneakers to change into! Break out the BeDazzler and add some personalized bling!

Danielle @ PARADISE