83 Days Until Your Wedding Day!
83 Days Until Your Wedding Day! Who wouldn't want their pearly whites to be sparkling in their wedding pictures? It may seem like a minor detail to some, but your wedding day should be a day that you smile more than ever!

It would be a good idea to schedule a routine cleaning during the month of your wedding while your there, ask your dentist what whitening techniques they recommend. There are many products available in stores that are geared toward helping you achieve a brighter smile including toothpastes, strips, and mouthwash.

* The author recommends "Rembrant whitening mouthwash with fluoride and is extremely impressed with the results she's seen over 2 weeks - please note that results do vary.

* You could aslo try Zoom! with recommended dentists. It is a one-sesssion only treatment with great results, but a bit pricey (around $800). A colleague at PARADISE did it last year and results were spectacular. However you should do it at least a week in advance as you will have sensitivity in the area for a couple of days after the treatment. Zoom!is used by Hollywood stars.


Danielle @ PARADISE