88 Days Until Your Wedding Day!
88 Days Until Your Wedding Day! You've gotten the call your dress is in! Of course the first thing that you think of is that you want to go see it, try it on, and fall in love with it all over again... The truth of the matter is that you want your dress to be as fresh on your wedding day as the day it arrives at the bridal salon. This is not like your favorite t-shirt that you wear to bed every night. As much as the suspense will hurt, wait to try on your dress until your first fitting which should be about 5-6 weeks before your wedding day.

At this fitting, make sure to have your shoes and undergarments that you plan to wear on the day of. Have two different bras that you are deciding between? Bring both! Decide with your seamstress when the appropriate time would be to schedule your second fitting. Keep in mind that your nerves will set in and you may drop weight within the next few weeks.

You should schedule a final fitting within 2 weeks of your wedding day so that it is most accurate and then schedule a pick up date. You should never try on your gown the day you are picking it up! If you need to try on your gown again, schedule a pick up date the next time you put it on should be the morning of your wedding.

Danielle @ PARADISE