Practical Safety tips when travelling Abroad Part 3
Try storing valuables in a tampon or maxi-pad box when staying in hotels. No one really wants to go digging in those boxes. I just leave about half tampons, and half jewelry, etc.

In the corner of my travel-kit, I put a brush with a couple of little hairbands on the handle, and a little plastic wide-tooth comb. Also, I pack a little tube of sunscreen and a bar of soap to wash my hands in public toilets.

When a man comes up and asks you - "Is this your first time in _______?", it is the first step in sizing you up. Say, "No, WE visit often." - and go on.

To bring a selection of earrings on your trip, get a 25-cent felt square at a fabric store (they sell them pre-cut) and simply fasten earrings through the felt, and fold, fasten and fold. This allows you to bring lots of accessories, protects each pair from damage, and takes up almost no space! Fasten roll with rubber band to keep it from unrolling.

Try to take beauty products with you that will double up for 2 or more uses. Elizabeth Arden's 8-hour cream works as a facial moisturizer, lip balm, hair tamer, and sunburn soother all in one. Shampoo can double up as travel wash, and those new chubby make up pencils from Clinique can multi-task for lipstick, eye colour, and blush.

Cutting down on the amount of bottles and cosmetics that spill is always important. Use a stick foundation instead of a liquid. The texture is light, and many if the new sticks are oil-free. Discount store brands are the same quality and much cheaper than popular brand names. The foundation can also double as a concealer and an eyeshadow base.

Look for perfume in a solid form as well. The containers are small enough to fit in a purse, yet smell strong. Kiss my Face makes a great peach-scented shave lather in a tube that eliminates aerosol cans.

Invest in a good lipstick palette with a variety of colors. The palettes are small, and give you a good variety of colors for all skin tones - and cut down on the number of bulky tubes. Victoria's Secret has an excellent one which isn't too expensive. (It is only available through mail order or online order.)

For all of you women who haul around those heavy purses, but have valuable "stuff" in them, well I've got the travel tip for you. When you're carrying your purse, be sure that you carry it diagonally so that when thieves try to steal it, they won't be able to because of how you are wearing it.

Instead of travelling with pads or tampons (or having to buy them) consider trying a reusable menstrual cup called The Keeper. A site full of information about this and other products is They also have a line of funky washable pads called Lunapads. I've been using The Keeper (yes, yes the same one) for 5 years now and I just love it. I recommend it highly. Nothing to pack, nothing to buy.

Now go on and travel safe.