Practical Safety tips when travelling Abroad - Part 5
When packing makeup for your trip, think about the items you actually use. Honestly, if you never use that cute turquoise liner at home are you really going to use it in Singapore (or Paris or wherever).

Bring the basics in compact form - a GOOD foundation (especially a compact), a stick eyeshadow, a lipstick, and a highlighter is about all you really need. If you don't know what a highlighter is, it's a shimmery substance that comes in either stick, gel or powder form and usually comes in silver, gold and bronze. It's especially good for giving you that 'holiday glow' when you don't want to wear makeup blend around the cheekbones, brow bones and eye sockets.

Also remember that your skin doesn't change when you're on a trip - you'll still need your cleanser, toner and moisturizer. You should probably lay off the exfoliation. You're likely to be stressed from travel, and using a mechanical exfoliant can only stress your skin further.

Bras with removable demi-pads are great for carrying money. Just remove the pads and slip the money inside the pockets. The money may move around with strenuous movement (it won't fall out but the contours may show under a tight top) but keeping it in place requires no more than the usual daily bra adjustments.

To instantly calm down static-electric flyaway hair, slide a dry fabric softener sheet over it.

Ladies, two reasons to carry tampons that don't have an applicator (plastic or paper) They take up half the space Customs may open each applicator up (and then they are useless) looking for drugs. Not a big deal until YOU are the one standing in line while they tear them all apart!

Women traveling alone, whether on long or short drives, should ALWAYS take a cell phone. If you don't have time to get a phone before your trip, take something that LOOKS LIKE a cell phone. If you ever feel that you are being followed by a stranger or if anyone, especially a strange man, on the highway attempts to flag down your vehicle, DO NOT PULL OVER! Instead, get out your phone and call someone, or even PRETEND to call someone. This is a major deterrent to would-be attackers who think you are able to call the police. Also, NEVER pull over to help a hitchhiker or a person with car trouble. Instead, call the police from your cell phone or from a phone in a safe BUSINESS in the next town.

Packing with a color scheme in mind eliminates having to take several pairs of shoes or other accessories. One week I had two business trips back to back, with no time to do laundry in between. For the first trip, I used black and white as my scheme and for the second trip, it was navy and taupe. I was surprised at how easy it was to pack. I only needed one pair of shoes for business and one for relaxing/playing. Also, a nice white T-shirt can be worn with a suit, with jeans, with a skirt, with pearls, or a number of other ways. I rarely pack without one it fits in any color scheme.

Ladies, always bring a sarong on trips, in your carry-on. It can be used as a sheet, towel, skirt, dress, headdress (for mosques, etc), beach coverup, curtain, just about anything. Use your imagination! I always purchase a small ringed notebook, such as school children use - size determined by the purse I will be carrying. I use the front part as a daily diary & the back part to register expenses as well as purchases. Makes it most easy to fill in the customs slip when returning home. Also delightful to read through later & reminisce.

And I keep travelling and I keep writting...

Travel and be safe!